Campaigns we support and endorse.

Throw Them Out

Throw Them Out is a campaign launched by Every Town, an organization dedicated to pursuing political reform for gun safety. This campaign is the product of every day American’s who are no longer willing to accept the rampant gun violence in our communities and committed to ensuring our representatives and lawmakers are working for the American people and not for the NRA. Throw Them Out is taking the proactive steps to remove those who prioritize the NRA’s agenda and replace them with leaders who prioritize the lives and safety of American citizens. 

March for Our Lives

March for Our Lives will be taking place on March 24th in Washington D.C., and other major cities across the country, to demand that our lawmakers prioritize comprehensive and effective gun reform and the protection of America’s youth in schools. This is a grassroots movement, started by the children and families affected by school shootings throughout our country, working to ensure that not one more life is lost to gun violence. March for Our Lives is a movement for America's children, for those who have already lost their lives to school shootings and for those who will be entering classrooms tomorrow. Join us in marching for peace, marching for safer classrooms across America, and in the #MarchForOurLives. 

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