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This is Æ Studios

A New York Marketing & Consulting Colective

Fundraising, marketing, consulting

& training for NYC business owners and Nonprofits

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New York Multimedia Marketing And Consulting 

We are ÆNYCxyz - A to Z marketing.
In the following 
year we hope to have over a thousand organizations and small businesses around the world all working together to achieve these three focuses.
1. Spread education and knowledge about how to communicate with audiences in a responsible way.

2. Build and support different social causes and movements around the world.

3. We are in the business of promoting joy starting with food. We hope to build a network of unforgettable restaurants, manage their social media, build communities, and positively impact their audiences. Building a network of incredible places around the USA to go experience Joy and EATz some Food.

This all starts here.
AENYC.xyz - Multimedia Consulting, Management,  Content Creation
AEFocus.org - Fundraising,  Marketing,  Communicating, Your Cause
EATzMedia.com - Foodies paradise and spreading joy

-  Our Services  - 

Multimedia Marketing 
Consulting &
Vocational Training
From social media to show business, it all starts with a plan. Æ Studios creates the marketing strategies and the content to reach your audiences with the best results possible.  Book your free consultation now, and we will work with you to find the best style to reach your audience. 


ÆNYCxyz is an A to Z full-service multiMedia marketing, consulting, and production agency that specializes in your business success, online identity, and all the content needed for achieving it. We work one-on-one with clients to develop an execute dynamic marketing and public relations strategies designed to increase brand awareness and elevate online presence on platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+).

Æ Studios caters to small businesses, the entertainment industries, and humanitarian causes.

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the ÆFocus is a Fundraising and marketing  network for civil society channel and its voice.

We run the communications department of Nonviolence International New York and the Peace Thematic Cluster at the United Nations. 

We are working on over 15 projects world wide











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Our mission is to accelerate restaurants and bars around the globe by building a network of social media managers, culinary marketers, and locations that can benefit from social media.


We do global communications, multimedia marketing and social media management.

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Your Medium 

What kind of services are needed?


How do you communicate with your audience?


Where is the common dialogue?

We will help you find the best kind of content to reach your audiences. 



- Content Mediums -

Digital, Web & Social

Written, Audio and Video

Hard Copy and Printing

We will digitally connect your brand with your audience in a way that reaches the goals and needs of your market. 

We will create the best content in the most efficient medium that connects with your audience. 

We are a brand that goes beyond the ones and zeros. We take branded content and find the ideal locations and ways to distribute it. 

Set up an appointment and we can figure out the best services for you. 

Blogs & Articles

New Conservatism: George H.W. Bush and Trump

New Conservatism: George H.W. Bush and Trump

New Conservatism: Lincoln and Trump

New Conservatism: George W. Bush and Trump

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The Æ Network

Utilizing The Æ Network

Æ Studios NYC is working on dozens of projects around the world. One aspect of Æ is integration, which means when you are a client of Æ. You are incorporated into a large network of small businesses, restaurants, and nongovernmental organisations-all around the world. Your project coordinator will be constantly trying to find ways to add your name to a project in the network, and your project coordinator will always be presenting you with so many opportunities to spread your brand to new and exciting markets. 


16 Production Studios, 30+ artists, 20+ performers, and 50+ teams of talented filmmakers. All vetted and ready to create the best content for your projects.

Plus all our consultants are members of the listed networks below.

The Weworks Network

Tucson Arizona Chamber of Commerce

United Nations Civil Society

The Walt Disney Company

New York City Chamber of Commerce

Producers Guild of America

Our client network already include: 



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Client News and Æ Updates

Join our monthly newsletter and learn about the fun ways restaurants are throwing events and shows and spreading awareness of their business using the  Æ Studios Network

Here is some of the work

we are doing right now


by Nonviolence International New York

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the American Ethos Project and the ÆFocus Network are Projects of Nonviolence International New York