American Synthesis Project

"Why is America So Divided?"

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What is the American Synthesis Project?

This is a campaign created to raise awareness and help combat political bias on both sides of the aisle. The campaign will include several projects to and run from April to November coinciding with the US election period. With the goal of establishing social media as the main source.


The campaign will revolve around the post about political bias, 2 interactive quizzes, and the announcing of blogs relate to political bias with the flagship blog being “my highly unpopular opinion”. 


Outside of Social media, the campaign will include a political and social experiment to study and see the difference between 2 extreme sides with biases against the other. This will be recorded and made into a film with snippets released towards the end of the campaign.


Additionally, this campaign will relaunch Bipartisan projects on the American Ethos website as well as run on a revamped AE site. Below is a further individual break down of the campaign.


About American Ethos Documentary

"The American Ethos film is the focal point of the Synthesis Project. In this bold new documentary, a diverse group of polarized strangers representing the United States’ divergent political wills on the left and the right, join together over the course of the 2020 election season for a raw, intimate battle disputing the challenges we are up against as a nation. Tempers will flare as citizens face their opponents’ competing beliefs in an honest, heated, and uncensored exploration of what it is that makes America truly great.

The film is a social research-driven experiment caught on camera, testing the utility of Nonviolent Communication, and its ability to bring us together by moving past the belligerent sentiment that has permeated the public consciousness of the United States citizenry. The film will speak to a relatable aspect of Americana in the setting of a local pub, and encourage its viewers to bring its timeless lessons and values into the realm of their own lives. This is a rare look at America in microcosm, allowing all of the fervent animosity and resentment to flow uninhibited. 

The film will not promote any political stance, but rather serve as a platform to amplify the representations of millions of overlapping American voices. Out of all the noise, we ask: can a mutual respect be achieved?"

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Become a partner with us and showcase what your organization is all about.


Become a partner with us and showcase what your organization is all about.

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"Shaune Hickson is the manager and creator of the Synthesis Project, including the creation and production of the American Ethos documentary. In 2017 she earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Central Florida, and has been a contributor for Nonviolence International - New York since 2018."