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The power behind democracy is that it makes us diverse.


My closing remarks is a success. Given the results in our Instagram, we learned that people agree. It’s not as divisive as we think it. Thus, it will surely be helpful if we look at ways to find a common ground rather than be split on every topics.

Project Manager: Alex Guanga, 

Project Team:  Daniel Keschick,  Lee Sangjun,
Sponsored:  NonviolenceNY and the ÆFocusNetwork 

Project date: Fall of 2017

We are not ridiculed or punished for believing that we should have a more market-based economy, or for thinking that healthcare should be universal. But currently, we are shouting and screaming without seeking some common ground with the other political side.



Well, because we are too busy shouting, we are unaware that we have more in common than we think with friends, relatives, colleagues, or neighbors who you think are nuts because they don't hold the same set of beliefs as you.

  • The media makes the situation worse because they are pushing their own agenda.

  • Social media aggrandizes our issues because they can make bigger headlines.

  • Politicians devise their strategies using these differences. They use fear of what the other side might do instead of advocating conversations.


Nonetheless, you'll be surprised that even though you think the other side is trying to destroy the country, there are beliefs both sides can agree on.


So, where am I going with this?


We can use social media the same way they do. With the power of Instagram, Nonviolence International New York and ÆFocus has devised a slideshow/game with hopes to show you that there are similarities between both parties. Bipartisan will help up move forward.  


For more instructions on the game, Polarization Quiz - Explanation

For the Instagram slides, ÆFocus

But we need your help. The same way your headlines spread through social media, we need you to spread this campaign.
it through social media. 

And USE the hashtag #MakeAmericaPlay


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