Something New, An African Cuisine From a Truck

After a lengthy meeting on restaurant trends and theories, which we may be posting about in the upcoming blog posts, it was time for food. It was a dire matter because all the talk about food and places to eat made us hungry. So, to hasten the process, we discussed nearby places that we wanted to visit. We settled on a food truck (DF Nigerian Food Truck: that was nearby.

It served some dishes from the African cuisine. I do not know exactly what we order because I had help from the person in the food truck and a gentleman behind me. The only thing that I knew was: one dish was meat based with plantains, the other was vegetables with yams and some pieces of lamb, and a piece of chicken. In addition to my unknown state, I asked the person in the truck for drink recommendations. He suggested malta by Guinness. Therefore, I want to say, thank you to the man in the truck and the gentlemen behind me because this is what New York City food adventures are all about; trying the different aspects of the Melting Pot with some guidance or advice.

Once we got our food, we went back to the office to enjoy the food, and we did enjoy it. The flavors were rich, and the kick from the spice came and went like an action movie. The dish with the plantains was fantastic. Then the dish with the lamb pieces was wonderful. Last, the piece of chicken was delicious, never had that style before on a bone, jerked. In addition, the drink recommendation was perfect. It blended with the many different flavors I was experiencing in my mouth, or nose-science is weird like that. The richness in flavor was absolutely a treat. Nonetheless, I say for those seekers of new cuisines and adventurous of the Melting Pot, I recommend this spot.

Find them on Facebook or call 718.313.7448 or 718.451.630

or head over to second avenue

and 45th street