Go Vote, My Friend: part one

Origin Story

Æfocus is a for-profit think tank of a marketer and political scientist. One has multiple certifications in marketing, public relations, filmmaking, and business management. Whereas, the other one has studied political scientist at Baruch College and has significant experience in politics. So, together they created Æfocus which has expertise in consulting nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations on marketing strategies and political matters.

Our Mission

The United States of America is a representative democracy-we vote for people to represent us in the government. If we are separated, misinformed, and divided, our votes are weakened.This is what Æfocus is about, inspiring individuals to get more involved with their government. Our motto is the United States’ motto, “E Pluribus Unum.” which means “Out of many, one.” When divided, those who do not represent us conquer us, but when we unite , we conquer those who represent us.

Learn more at: AEFocus.org/govote


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