Go Vote, My Friend: part two

Why Vote?

We are not surprised that people do not vote in local elections . The most common response is, “What is the point?” Well first and foremost, you are in a democracy, so it is your civil duty. But, that is not the most eye-catching one because people respond with, “I do what I want! This is the land of the free!” At this point we realize that a person does not know what they are arguing and they do not understand that with the privilege of living in a democracy comes the duty to vote, vote so that we can be heard.

The Land of the Free

The land of the free is only free if you utilize what makes the land free, for you can hold candidates for their inefficiency or misdeeds (inside trading, nepotism, abusing authority, and so on). If you do not, you create an environment where elected officials do not care for you. They only listen to the one that affects their longevity and career.

Listening to the Things Around You

Your money and speech is not a vote, but some may disagree. A vote is a mechanism to ensure that you are represented in the government. Not you completely, but the public issues you feel compelled by. This is why participating and listening to the surrounding discussion that affects your area is important. It allows you to know what are the public issues around you. Then you should find a candidate who works for the same issues and wants to help your area.

How to vote?

Registering to vote is not hard to do. You do not even have to register as a democratic or a republican, you can choose to register as an independent. This empowers a more diverse election due to potential candidates seeing that you are more willing to support a multitude of different views rather than a narrower system.

Learn more at: AEFocus.org/govote