Go Vote, My Friend: part four

Who is running?

That is the question that seems to be hard to answer, but with the information in our past posts on this subject, you should be able to have a sense who is running for a seat. Now, below is a list of different sources to figure what is occurring in your area.

News and the Lack of it!

There is a small voice covering elections, because it is a smaller market and people do not actively participate. But, here are a few websites, which may give you information on candidates and equip you to make a decision regarding who you want to vote for:

What can we do?

There is no denying the fact that there is minimal information out there for these sort of matters, but that is exactly why the internet is very useful in today’s times. It allows citizens to discuss and talk about local affairs. Therefore, even with this lack of information, being aware, attentive and willing to make efforts for every election will try to clear this fog a little and help all of us in having a voice and an effective representation.

Learn more at: AEFocus.org/govote


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