Political Polarization Quiz - Explanation

I'm glad you're here. If you would like some background information about what we are doing, click this link.

Now that you're back, I'll gladly explain what our intentions are. We created this presentation on Instagram which does three things.

First, we give you a quote.

This quote is from an influential political figure. Your job is to either agree or disagree with the quote. So you have your answer, but don't comment yet because there is one more interactive step.

Second, we present you with two political figures.

Your job is to guess who said it. These political figures will be highlighted with either red or blue. Thus, you'll know whether you'll be agreeing with a Republican or a Democrat.

For example, your answer might be "Agree, and Bill Clinton."

Third, view the results.

We will be uploading the results of the quizzes in upcoming blogs. So be sure to stay tune!

Link to Instagram Slides: ÆFocus

Link to explanation: Are Democrats and Republicans really that opposite?

And USE the hashtag #MakeAmericaPlay

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